An analysis of religion as something that was made up to control the people by spinoza

He even adopted the external form of Euclidean geometry, beginning each of the five parts into which the work is divided with definitions, axioms, and postulates, and advancing by formally demonstrating a series of definite propositions. It is not contingency or some peculiar power of free will that governs mental experiences; here as well as elsewhere, all takes place according to law and necessity. Thus, there should be one method of understanding the nature of all things:

An analysis of religion as something that was made up to control the people by spinoza

What exactly is philosophy? Philosophy is the academic discipline devoted to the systematic study of questions through the use of conceptual analysis and logic.

Conceptual analysis is when one attempts to clarify a vague or difficult concept. It turns out that many of the concepts that we use every day are actually confused and vague--and we don't even realize it until we start doing philosophy!

Try for a moment to define the following everyday terms: It turns out that it is actually very hard to say exactly what any of these things are. Why does it matter? It matters because clarifying our thinking is necessary if we are going to be able to answer some of the most important questions of life.

For example, you have to know what happiness is before you can answer the question "What can I do to be happy? There are both personal and professional reasons to study philosophy.

The main reason to study philosophy is that you just want to know! Can I prove that I am not in the Matrix? What is a just society? Studying philosophy will also deepen your character as well as your understanding of the world around you. It will teach you to question previously unquestioned assumptions and to "think in a straight line.

Professionally, studying philosophy will help you to look at old problems in new ways and to "think outside the box.

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This is why many people who do not want to go to graduate school in philosophy nevertheless pick up philosophy as a second major. Why study philosophy at Eastern? There are a bunch of good reasons to study philosophy with us at Eastern Illinois University.

First, philosophy majors are a small and extremely talented group. Given that there are nine professors in the department that means that there is roughly one professor for every three majors!

So you can get as much personal attention as you would like. This is not a small thing because philosophy is a discipline devoted to dialogue and debate.

So the ability to debate with professors on a regular basis is essential for a good philosophical education. Second, the faculty at Eastern are all respected and accomplished philosophers.

Do you think that religion is just a made up idea to take control of people |

Many have published books with top presses and articles in leading journals. While academically strong, the faculty are also diverse.

Pretty much no matter what your interests are, there is someone in the philosophy department to talk to about it.

Third, the philosophy department seeks to promote an informal environment with maximum discussion and debate. Thus, professors are regularly hanging out in the department office and attend the weekly departmental lunches and meetings.

What if I am interested in something that is not regularly offered as a course?

An analysis of religion as something that was made up to control the people by spinoza

That is no problem. Just speak to one of the professors about doing an independent study. There are often many independent studies going on during any semester. These are one-on-one courses where one student works closely with one professor on some topic of mutual interest.Palestinian territories has been used for many years to describe the territories occupied by Israel since , namely the West Bank (including East Jerusalem) and the Gaza Strip.

Do you think that religion is just a made up idea to take control of people human beings with the fear it as a result I do believe religion is a made up idea to control people's actions but not to take control of them. honestly believe in what they stand for and don't actively manipulate people with something they personally.

Statistics alone, absent case studies that suggest plausibility, cannot justify such an economically extraordinary claim. Without evidence of even a single case, the claim is not even a defensible hypothesis and is more like a religious myth or philosopher’s demon theory, something made up from whole cloth for rhetorical purposes.

The power elite will use religion to control the people TOPICS: Power elite misuses religion - true and false spirituality - finding truth within yourself - Mohammed was not free of ego - idolatry of Mohammed - moderate Muslims must speak out against fundamentalism - people must say that enough is enough - some Muslims are among .

Sin is a word made up by religion to define a transgression or disobedience against its god's laws.

An analysis of religion as something that was made up to control the people by spinoza

Many Christians point out that the word's exact translation means 'miss the mark', which wouldn't make any sense because the bible also says that the price of sin is death.

People becoming experts at certain jobs rather than doing ever Something made or given shape by man, such as a tool or a work The land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

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