Angela carter bloody chamber essays

Click to share on Pocket Opens in new window During the time that Angela Carter taught at the University of East Anglia, her reputation underwent a series of small transformations.

Angela carter bloody chamber essays

The tone is set by a chorus of characters that Carter creates by using a number of narrators throughout the collection. She makes a large number of intertextual references, a very modern technique which sometimes serves as a joke between the reader and the writer breaking down the wall between them.

She uses different kinds of language that seem to clash violently at times. These devices display the tone of the book and also the period in literary history that Carter was writing in, where previous boundaries were being broken down and writers were exploring new areas and testing the current conventions.

The language of the stories, for the most part, does give the impression of a fairy tale atmosphere. But the use of clashing language like this throughout the book is how Carter manages to write fairy tales about more adult themes.

She discusses issues such as male domination, sex and unusual fetishes, but disguises it cleverly with a more innocent language. The passage is a reflection on the conflicting tones of the story that also run throughout the book.

Another theme Carter explores is the fine line between non-humans or animals, and humans by using different narrative techniques. They are mostly women who experience a metamorphosis of either themselves, or another character of the story into something more animal or human.

Others are told from the point of view of some omniscient overseer of all that takes place in the story.

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The theme of animalistic men and human-like animals gets stronger the deeper the reader travels into the heart or Bloody Chamber of the book, as if the book its self is experiencing the same metamorphosis as the characters themselves. The protagonists in the first three stories all seem like Kari Sawden, Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Angela carter bloody chamber essays

It is easy to overlook Angela Carter’s retelling of Snow White, tucked away on two pages of The Bloody Chamber. Should one’s eyes fall upon “The Snow Child”, however, it becomes impossible to look away as the reader is drawn into a world of inescapable power struggles and victimisation.

The Bloody Chamber By Angela Carter Analysis and Summary Here is a complete analysis of the first story in The Bloody Chamber entitled ‘The Bloody Chamber’ looking at key themes, quotes and so on. Posted in The Bloody Chamber Sample Essays Tagged a2 engish, angela carter, AQA, Gothic, the bloody chamber Leave a comment It is ironic that the beasts are more humane than the humans in The Bloody Chamber.


Carter furthers this by manipulating the popular themes and underpinning them with the idea of desire, an integral theme through the entire Bloody Chamber. Colours are amazingly important in the Gothic genre, and due to the mother nature of Carter's fairy tales, they could possibly be referred to as such.

Carter published four collections of short stories: The Bloody Chamber, Fireworks, Saints and Strangers (published in the U.K. as Black Venus), and American Ghosts and Old World Wonders.

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Her other writings include a book of essays called The Sadeian Woman, two collections of journalism, and a . Free College Essay Angela Carter’s Use of Language in Bloody Chamber.

Choose any one or two stories from the collection and explore how Carter uses language to present any two non-human.

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