Good things to write about in a memoir

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Good things to write about in a memoir

July 26, Struggle is universal. People love reading stories about people triumphing over obstacles, overcoming bad circumstances and abuse, and redeeming themselves. We watch them in movies and read them in books.

Writing a memoir is a great way to make sense out of what troubles you the most. But writing a memoir about your troubled past also means facing uncomfortable memories.

And depending on your mindset at the time you sit down to write, the results can be just as ugly.

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Writing a memoir requires a careful balance between sharing your truth and sounding whiny or overly self-involved. No one likes to read stories about people like that. The trick to writing a beautiful memoir is creating art and deeper meaning from your personal experiences that resonate beyond what happened to you.

So how can you accomplish this? Consider the following tips before you put your past on the page. Be a protagonist worth reading Writing a story about your life means, as far as your readers are concerned, making yourself a character and revealing information about yourself that moves the story forward.

So in the same way a novelist invents a compelling protagonist for their fiction, a memoirist must develop him or herself in a similar way on the page. You want your reader to care about you and spend or so pages reading about your life.

good things to write about in a memoir

So be conscious of how you create yourself on the page. What were your goals? How are you flawed? What were your mistakes?

When writing a memoir, be harder on yourself than you are on anyone else you write about. Show all sides of the story The people you write about in your memoir must be three dimensional.

Not just you, but your heinous parents as well. So maybe your mom rivaled the wicked witch. And maybe your ex-husband was an idiot. You know that, and you want everyone who reads your story to know it too.This is a nice little book that gives some good basic steps to writing a memoir.

It's clearly for absolute beginners, or people who have never written anything before but would like to write Reviews: May 19,  · I guess you're helping us write a memoir someone else will want to read, which is different perhaps from the memoirs people want to write for themselves and perhaps their loved ones.

I think it's good for people to write them, even bad ones. Your memoir doesn’t necessarily need to be all of these things, but I think the more, the better. In the process of learning what qualities make a good memoir, I also learned a little about what qualities don’t make a good memoir.

It’s also important to note why you should not write a memoir—and that is for revenge. Revenge does not serve anyone well.

good things to write about in a memoir

In fact, the best revenge is to live a good life. In my case, I want to write my story as a memoir because there are elements of the total truth that I honestly feel would encourage needed thought on the reader’s part, as well as contribute to the story’s dramatic elements.

You don’t have to be famous or infamous to write a memoir that engages an audience and shares a powerful truth about life.

Now make a basic outline. Simple, you can expand later. Now go write a bestseller. Good Luck! How to Write a Memoir That People Care About [ ] Reply. Kendra. I am writing an adoptee memoir.

The lessons learned.

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