How resources developed can be reproduced recorded and stored

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How resources developed can be reproduced recorded and stored

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Instead, they are implicitly destroyed when the VkInstance object they are retrieved from is destroyed. VkInstance objects can be destroyed once all VkDevice objects created from any of its VkPhysicalDevice objects have been destroyed.

Application Binary Interface The mechanism by which Vulkan is made available to applications is platform- or implementation- defined.

How resources developed can be reproduced recorded and stored

On many platforms the C interface described in this Specification is provided by a shared library. Since shared libraries can be changed independently of the applications that use them, they present particular compatibility challenges, and this Specification places some requirements on them.

An ABI in this context means the size, alignment, and layout of C data types; the procedure calling convention; and the naming convention for shared library symbols corresponding to C functions. Applications which use Vulkan must not provide definitions of these symbols.

This allows the Vulkan shared library to be updated with additional symbols for new API versions or extensions without causing symbol conflicts with existing applications.

Shared library implementations should provide library symbols for commands in the highest version of this Specification they support, and for Window System Integration extensions relevant to the platform.

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They may also provide library symbols for commands defined by additional extensions. Note These requirements and recommendations are intended to allow implementors to take advantage of platform-specific conventions for SDKs, ABIs, library versioning mechanisms, etc. Platform vendors, or providers of the de facto standard Vulkan shared library for a platform, are encouraged to document what symbols the shared library provides and how it will be versioned when new symbols are added.

Applications should only rely on shared library symbols for commands in the minimum core version required by the application. Vulkan uses the standard C types for the base type of scalar parameters e. VkBool32 represents boolean True and False values, since C does not have a sufficiently portable built-in boolean type: VkDeviceSize represents device memory size and offset values: The last in-parameter to each command that creates or destroys a Vulkan object is pAllocator.

The pAllocator parameter can be set to a non-NULL value such that allocations for the given object are delegated to an application provided callback; refer to the Memory Allocation chapter for further details.

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These objects do not take allocators; if host memory is needed, they will use the allocator that was specified when their parent pool was created. Each such command may have different restrictions on where it can be used: These restrictions are documented together with the definition of each such command.

The duration of a Vulkan command refers to the interval between calling the command and its return to the caller. Unless otherwise specified for an individual command, the results are invariant; that is, they will remain unchanged when retrieved again by calling the same command with the same parameters, so long as those parameters themselves all remain valid.Adriene Wentworth, founder of Christa Resources, brief biography is a solution,” Adriene has sought out ways to help correct these situations and to offer what she has discovered and developed to others.

With the resources and tools of Christa Resources, you too can forge a “Connected, Protected and Empowered Path” that will free you. Magazine Interviews, Plus (PDF Files).

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New: At Last! For several years I've been trying to find a simpler, convenient way to create and post online several magazine articles and interviews that belong here as additional resources.

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resources within the lifelong learning sector. Developing, using and organising resources within the lifelong learning sector Explain ways in which resources can be classified and stored b.

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