Is chocolate being exported

The origin of the Nahuatl word is uncertain, as it does not appear in any early Nahuatl source, where the word for chocolate drink is cacahuatl, "cacao water".

Is chocolate being exported

Rich in nutrients and poor in side effects, chocolate has been recently liberated from years of bad reputation. Actually, we hear so often about its health benefits that we feel encouraged to eat more of it, without any sense of guilt.

The only negative sides of chocolate mentioned by the media regards socio-economic matters, like child labour and the poverty level of cacao farmers. But there is another discussion going on under the radar that is concerning a growing number of chocolate lovers.

The buzz killer is called Cadmium. Why is cadmium found in chocolate? Cadmium is a heavy metal considered toxic for the human body. Although much concern surrounds its consumption, chocolate is not among the foods with the highest contamination of cadmium.

As the European Commission highlights: Also tobacco smoking can contribute to a similar internal exposure as that from the diet.

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The first big misconception to debunk about cadmium in chocolate is its origin. It is not even the result of industrial processes or questionable manufacturing decisions. No fingers can be pointed at someone in the cacao supply chain for the presence of cadmium in chocolate.

Because before any farming practice or chocolate making process, cadmium is already there. Not in the beans, not inside the tree, but in the soil. Cadmium is found in the soil where cacao trees grow. Cadmium is naturally found in soil as a result of volcanic activity, forest fires and weathering of rocks.

It is then taken up by many plants, like the cacao tree. The amount of heavy metal that ends up in the cacao beans depends on multiple factors. Among all the variables, geographic location and soil acidity are the ones playing the most relevant roles in the exposure of the soil to cadmium.

The researchers found significant amounts of cadmium in the soils and beans of some remote hilly regions well away from polluting industry and intensive farming.

The cadmium seems to stem almost exclusively from the parent bedrock. Do specific cacao varieties take up cadmium in their beans more easily than others? The only certainty seems to be the correlation between cadmium and soil acidity.

Is chocolate being exported

This is why one of the solutions proposed to resolve the problem is to add lime or zinc to the soil. These additions elevate pH and lower acidity.

Is chocolate being exported

Another precaution, suggested by the ETC Zurich team, is to check the cadmium content of the soil before planting any cocoa tree. If the levels are too high, another cash crop such as coffee could be grown instead.

Craft chocolate makers are powerless when it comes to cadmium in their chocolate. Better luck seems to find industrial chocolate manufacturers.

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The latest news in the legal department is the introduction by the European Union of new limits on the amount of cadmium in cocoa products. For consumers, it is not fun to know that one of their favorite foods might contain heavy metals.Together, the U.S.

Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforce our country's agricultural import regulations. Chocolate is one of the most popular ingredients and flavors in the world, so I’m sure you would like to know the 10 countries that export the most chocolate in the world.

Total exports of chocolate during the year amounted to an astounding number of $ billion and the top 10 chocolate exporting countries accounted for % of these exports. U.S. chocolate candy exports reached a record $ billion in , a percent jump from the previous year, and accounted for 14 percent of global exports.

NAFTA partners Canada and Mexico are not only the main destinations for U.S. exports but also the main suppliers of chocolate candy to the U.S. market.

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The largest chocolate company in North America, and one of the most recognized chocolate brands worldwide, is the Hershey Foods Corporation, more commonly known as Hershey’s.

The company is headquartered in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and it was founded in by Milton S. Hershey. Feb 14,  · According to the International Trade Centre, in the United States exported $,, worth of “chocolate and other food preparations containing cocoa,” making the U.S.

rank sixth in that category. Germany ranked first, with more than billion dollars worth of chocolate exports. Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown, food preparation of roasted and ground cacao seeds.

It is made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block, or used as a flavoring ingredient in other foods. The earliest evidence of use traces to the Olmecs (Mexico), with evidence of chocolate beverages dating to BC.

The majority of Mesoamerican people made chocolate beverages, including.

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