Madness combat 4 apothesis

Madness, as defined by the first definition on Dictionary. Combat, as defined by the last definition on Dictionary. The series started off as a somewhat typical old school Newgrounds -type flash, littered with random violence, distasteful portrayals of a character resembling Jesus also known as "Jebus" after a line from The Simpsonsand the odd as'plosion or two.

Madness combat 4 apothesis

Jesus and Tricky in Incident A are both capable of this. Floating hands are omnipresent in this series. Madness Combat itself is a descendant of stick figure fighting animations Xiao Xiao, namely. Jebus seems to have this relationship with Hank, as he happily mercy kills Hank to give him a good rest and teams up with him to fight Tricky.

As well as that, Hank refers to Jebus as "Player 2" and flies into a rage when he's killed. Plus, during their duel in Depredation, Jebus orders all his henchmen to cease firing and line up against the wall so he can fight Hank fairly.

Later on, Jebus physically stops one of his henchmen from shooting Hank after he's fallen down a cliff, so they can both have a proper duel like gentlemen.

Madness Combat: Apothesis (Drop)

From Nobody to Nightmare: An update to Project Nexus includes a Madness combat 4 apothesis episode involving a long-haired, goateed Nexus Scientist named Dr. Jebidiah Christoff, who attempts to stop the insane project. By the end, he's murdered his way through the facility and picked up a halo and magic powers as well.

In the rave room in Apothesis, one mook whom Hank missed sees the slaughter before him, and decides to sit back and enjoy a smoke.

At least until he gets crushed by a door. Heck, in the very first episode, while Hank is laying waste to everyone around him in the field, there is a random person in the background dancing to the Chicken Dance that's coming out of the on-screen boombox.

Hank promptly shoots him as soon as he kills everyone else. The Sheriff isn't shown to be especially competent at his job. All featuring equally giant weapons, and they fare little better than their tinier co-workers.

Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: Jesus in the first episode, and the first MAG Agent shows up with no explanation. We do get one later the Auditor's been growing them.

Tropes include:

An effect of wearing the halo. It massively increases the wearer's offensive powers, but does little to make them any more durable than a regular Badass Normal character.

Glowing Eyes of Doom: The Auditor has them Good Guns, Bad Guns: Various "Good" and "Bad" guns all appear briefly or prominently in the series.

Let's just say it got messy. Not so much in the early episodes, but the later ones? Well, let's put it this way - someone's ear gets ripped off.

Nobody in this series has ears. He was given an ear just so it could be severed. Various Mooks get sliced in half, shot full of bloody holes and splattered all over the scenery by buckshot or explosives.Sep 22,  · happiest guy in madness combat.

Madness Combat (Web Animation) - TV Tropes

A madness style animation of a man seeking revenge. Movie 85, Views (Ages 17+) A Halloween Treat by EM A short and twisted flash movie about an unordinary trick-or-treating stop!

Movie 7, Views/10(K). Use Madness Combat: Apothesis (Drop) and thousands of other assets to build an immersive game or experience. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality.

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Madness combat 4 apothesis

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