Pumpkin writing activity for first grade

Print both pages of the Pumpkin Math Book and carefully cut along the dotted lines. Arrange and staple the eight-page Pumpkin Math Book. Weigh your pumpkin and record.

Pumpkin writing activity for first grade

Data Folders Hi Friends! As teachers we have to collect lots of data on our students throughout the year.

pumpkin writing activity for first grade

This data drives our instruction. I work in a district that requires teachers to have a data center board and data folders showing student growth.

The data center board can be simple or elaborate. Mine is somewhere in between. The data center board shows class goals and averages, not individual scores. Today I'd like to share the folders that my students use to store data about their own growth.

At conference time, students share what's inside their data folder with their parents. In my district we have student-led conferences. This basically means that students come to the conference with their parents and they must share their work with their parents.

As a first grade teacher, I have my kids share parts of their data folders and I discuss other parts. My kids do really well, but we practice a few times before the actual conference so they know exactly what to do.

Here are some pictures of my data folders. I use a plastic 8 pocket organizer. I add a piece of decorative computer paper on the inside pocket for the cover. I put student's picture under the title.

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The first pocket holds a behavior graph. The second pocket holds the spelling graph. The third pocket holds writing samples to be shared at conference time. The fourth pocket hold a leveled reading graph. Pocket 5 holds a list of district sight words that students are expected to know each quarter.

Pocket 6 holds Math tests which are graphed by students. Pocket 7 holds Math Fact tests which are graphed by students.

Pocket 8 holds a homework graph. Students have to color in a box if they don't return their homework. Students get a homework grade on their report card, so I use this for a grade. This is the the brand of folders I use. Some of them are generic in form and can be used by anyone. Others are specific to my district and would have to be modified.

My school has the same classroom rules for every classroom. If a student breaks a rule, he writes his name on the segment of the caterpillar with that rule.

At the end of the quarter, students must color their graphs only where dates have been written above the color word. The bar graph then shows what specific behaviors are problematic. Some teachers may have their students color in their graphs daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.ABCya First!

Grade children's computer games & activities feature large and easy-to-use navigation buttons as well as voice instructions. Games and activities include: alphabetical.

We love a good math craft and opportunity to show our mathematical thinking!! We have been exploring part, part whole addition strategies and connecting it to what we know about turn around facts and the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Second grade, individual writing. How to carve a pumpkin writing craft activity - perfect for fall! Find this Pin and more on Pumpkin Unit First Grade by Kristin Kontny.

This past week my second graders learned how to sequence the steps of how to carve a pumpkin. Jan 18,  · Hello Everyone! We finished our study of living and nonliving things with a fun (and a little slimy) activity. "Gummy Worms vs Earth Worms" The activity was adapted from a similar activity in the AIMS Science curriculum.

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Jamie plants a pumpkin seed in the spring and, after watching it grow all summer, carves a face in it for Halloween!


But best of all.

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