Texas republican critical thinking

Cruz is the next step in Texan de-evolution after Rick Perry. As we've mentioned before, he seems determined to have his name forever linked to that of one of his heroes, Wisconsin '50s alcoholic villain Joseph McCarthy. Last week, the New Yorker let him know that no one fears him enough to get away with his lies and innuendo the way McCarthy was feared at the dawn of the Cold War and "Red Scare.

Texas republican critical thinking

Comments What is it about the political rightwing in the Lone Star State? Here is the actual language from a position statement in the Texas Republican Party Platform: Where does this Republican fear of critical thinking come from?

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One would have to surmise it may be derived from two sources: Reason will lead us. Both sources seem plausible. Of course, the opponents of freedom of thought are actually the guilty on both counts: They wish to indoctrinate everyone based on the supremacy of whiteness.

John Huppenthal and John Pedicone, the Superintendent of the Tucson Unified School District, want to replace critical pedagogies with a whitewashed version of multicultural education. Only here we are talking about the study of Mexican history, art, culture, philosophy, and science.

Of course, the rightwing has always specialized in blaming the Other for the very thing they are guilty of. This is apparently the lesson the Texas Republicans have learned from the Arizona struggle over the future of public school pedagogies and curriculum. Fear of the majority minority The second source is also at work here: They went from 49 percent to The data suggest that the student population in Texas public schools has been a majority minority for several decades.

Is it mere coincidence that this demographic shift corresponds with the adoption of neoliberal policies that have attacked and undermined equity in school finance for Texas public schools?

Texas republican critical thinking

The battle over the shaping of textbooks in Texas illustrates the intensity of the rightwing struggle to gain control over the curriculum materials used by public school teachers and students: Read only what we tell you to read. And the lack of truth will make you less free. Open Forward Thinking The anti-intellectual tendency in Texas rightwing politics has a deeper history.

Hofstader could have been writing about post politics when he penned the following insightful observations about fundamentalist ideologies in Texas: Although no one has ever tried to trace in detail the historic links between the radical right of the depression and post-depression periods and the fundamentalism of the s, there are some suggestive continuities among the leaders…The late J.

Frank Norris, a Southern Baptist preacher in the forefront of the anti-evolution crusade in Texas, later became one of the most colorful right-wing messiahs… p.

The Texas Republican Party Platform merely solidifies this paranoid and moronic tendency. Like the period from the s through the Great Depression, today, this authoritarian thought-control streak is being combined with intensified white anxiety about the demographic shift that has already started to unfold in Texas as well as other states.

Only this time, the rightwing crazies control the rules for producing textbooks and shaping public school curriculum and pedagogy.As for the Texas GOP, a spokesperson later claimed that including the language about critical thinking was a "mistake," but since the platform has already been approved, the language stays until.

Feb 25,  · Ted Cruz, Like Most Texas Republicans, Understands The Danger Of Thinking I think it was Texas, but it may have been Kansas, but one of the primitive, anti-education states was looking into officially banning "critical thinking" from schools.

The Texas Democratic Party recognizes Texas women are strong, independent and powerful. Texas is the proud home of pioneering women who have blazed . Texas GOP platform opposes critical thinking. It's official: The Republican Party of Texas opposes critical thinking.

That's right, drones, and it's part of their official platform. Texas Republican Party policy that explicitly tried to ban the teaching of critical and decision-making.

However, critical thinking in higher education is a different beast, serving as it does, the entire interdisciplinary field of Higher Education, in higher education”).

critical thinking critical thinking. Home» Blog» Thinking Critically About What Happened Having covered three Presidential elections with the goal of seeing how they can be used to teach and learn critical-thinking skills, I’m frequently asked the question of whether the latest election results mean we have lost the ability to think at all.

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