W15 rei segal

What is the Goal of Real Estate Wholesaling? By Troy Segal Updated June 21, —

W15 rei segal

The Board of Directors recommends that you vote as follows: If any other matter is presented at the annual meeting, your proxy provides that your shares will be voted by the proxy holder listed in the proxy in accordance with his best judgment.

At the time this proxy statement was first made available, we knew of no matters that needed to be acted on at the annual meeting, other than those discussed in this proxy statement.

W15 rei segal

If you give us your proxy, you may change or revoke it at any time before the annual meeting. You may change or revoke your proxy in any one of the following ways: Attending the annual meeting in person will not in and of itself revoke a previously submitted proxy.

You must specifically request at the annual meeting that it be revoked. Your most current vote, whether by Internet or proxy card is the one that will be counted. You may receive more than one Notice or proxy card if you hold shares of our common stock in more than one account, which may be in registered form or held in street name.

Therefore, we encourage you to provide voting instructions to your bank, broker or other nominee. This ensures your shares will be voted at the annual meeting and in the manner you desire.

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Your bank, broker or other nominee does not have the ability to vote your uninstructed shares in the election of the director. Therefore, if you hold your shares in street name it is critical that you cast your vote if you want your vote to be counted for the election of the director Proposal 1 of this proxy statement.After analyzing REI’s Demo ski program at both the Salt Lake City and Sandy stores, I have concluded that the current inventory levels support REI’s core business .

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W15 rei segal

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